Was excluded – Corbyn will face his former party in the elections


The controversial former Labor leader wants to appear on the ballot again in the British elections – but not with the party apparatus behind him, but as an independent candidate. Apparently he had recently been told that he was no longer a member of the Labor Party.

The 74-year-old announced on Friday that he would stand as a candidate for his constituency in the London borough of Islington North. Corbyn was expelled from the Labor party several years ago because of his dealings with anti-Semitism.

He is accused of not acting decisively enough against anti-Semitic tendencies in the party during his time as party leader from 2015 to 2020. At the time, several Jewish MPs resigned from the party in protest.

Labor is clearly ahead in the polls
At the last general election in 2019, Corbyn-led Labor suffered a defeat. Now Britain will elect a new parliament on July 4. The Labor Party is now led by Keir Starmer, and opinion polls show his party has long been ahead of the governing Conservatives.

Sky News channel asked Starmer for his reaction to Corbyn’s announcement. This is a Corbyn issue, Starmer said.

The party has clearly distinguished itself from its former boss
As PvdA leader, he said from the start that he would take action against anti-Semitism in the party. “That was my first promise and I kept it.” That is why he decided that Corbyn would not stand as a Labor candidate in these elections.

Corbyn has been MP for Islington North for around 40 years. “As your MP, I will continue to be an independent voice for equality, democracy and peace,” he said on social media. It is not yet known who Labor will nominate for the constituency.

Source: Krone


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