Angry “Ex” – This is how the Carinthian erotic model became a victim of stalking


Last year, Julia Schmid was seen as a bachelor’s candidate in Switzerland. What her fans didn’t know at the time: the 22-year-old was privately bombarded with messages from her ex flirting. Who also did not hesitate to massively disrupt her modeling career on the internet. In Vienna the man now had to answer before the criminal court.

Photo shoot in a pose in the Vienna Regional Court: not an everyday occurrence, but that was even the case on Monday in front of Hall 24. The victim in the criminal trial is a model from Carinthia. Julia Schmid fought for the Bachelor on Swiss television in 2023 and is successful on the internet platform Only Fans.

Brief flirtation with legal consequences
Her ex-flirting is accused. Among other things, he is said to have continuously chased and forced the 22-year-old. “We met each other through social media. I thought she was a beautiful girl. A few days later we met,” says the suspect, describing how it all started in September 2023.

Not only a love affair developed between the graphic designer and the dark-haired beauty, but also a business partnership. “She was an Only Fans model, but it wasn’t that good. So I helped her,” says the 30-year-old. Within a very short time, he is said to have grown the business tenfold – spending hours chatting with men on their behalf and selecting photos and videos. “She suddenly earned a thousand euros a day,” says the client of lawyer Andreas Strobl.

Photos and videos removed and added
But the harmony did not last long. A 250-page chat in the file shows how the mood changed just a month later. Out of anger that she was no longer answering calls and messages, the defendant deleted photos and videos from Julia’s account. This means that he has also removed the likes that generate sales. “It was too much porn for me. I wanted to change the strategy,” he explains. Strobl adds that the suspect also appeared in the deleted sex photos. He speaks of a “very confusing act that is difficult to understand due to the many profiles.”

Images are distributed and deleted without permission
According to a criminal complaint by the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office, his client is said to have created at least seven fake accounts with intimate photos of his ex. He denies this, but admits that after the divorce he randomly distributed content without Julia’s permission. The StA also accuses him of stalking, which would have unreasonably affected his victim’s lifestyle. “It was too much,” the Viennese admits. “Then I didn’t fight for her anymore, I just irritated her.”

The 22-year-old, who is a witness in the trial, tells a different version of the story: “When I stopped answering, he went crazy. He bombarded me with messages and threatened to delete my account. “A little later it was actually no longer online.” The model used AI to clean the network of unwanted content that he allegedly uploaded: “That also cost more than 600 euros.”

Your stalker is legally sentenced to 160 daily rates of 30 euros each, of which 80 are conditional – so a fine of 2,400 euros. He must pay his flirting ex 2,500 euros.

Source: Krone


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