Cause clarified – Danube captain receives report after fecal leak


Do those responsible just want to wait for the feces to end up in the Danube and hope no one notices? In any case, that is clear now that research has shown that the problem with the sewage treatment plant on board the ship was noticed in Linz. Now there are threats of charges.

The Ministry of the Environment in Vienna even investigated the matter and now announces that the investigation was successful: “The Shipping Inspectorate carried out a technical inspection of the ship and interviewed the personnel. A technical defect in the ship’s sewage treatment plant was identified as the cause of the discharge.” The ship operator wants to prevent further incidents through technical measures.

Public prosecutor informed
But since there was no immediate response on board the ship moored at Lentos and the failure of the sewage treatment plant, or its consequence – waste water with feces flowing untreated into the Danube – was reported to the authorities, reports are being prepared on violation of the reporting obligation. The Public Prosecution Service has also been informed and must decide on any charges for environmental pollution.

Source: Krone


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