Negotiations suspended – Corona antigen tests remain due


As for the corona tests, which have also been charged to doctors since April 1 (even in suspected cases), there is still no solution for the health insurer to cover the costs. According to the ÖGK, negotiations have been suspended.

In the suspected case of Corona, the tests at the ordinations were free for those affected until the end of March; until then, the federal government bore the costs. A positive corona test is a condition for high-risk patients to be entitled to the antiviral drug Paxlovid. On April 2, the chairman of the Conference of Social Insurers, Peter Lehner, announced after a round of negotiations with the medical association that a solution would be presented “within about 14 days.”

Now – almost two months later – we are still far from that. The medical association says that further discussions have been held with the health insurer, but that no solution is on the table.

Struggle for money
Social security blames the medical association for this: the association demanded 25 euros per test. “We think this is disproportionate because the antigen tests are not incredibly expensive and because the time required is not that great,” said a spokeswoman for the Austrian Health Insurance Fund (ÖGK). “The offer would have been eight euros. Plus – if the test is positive and this Paxlovid prescription is written – an additional 17 euros will be added. Then they would have arrived at 25 euros.”

The medical association “did not back down” from its demands and advised its members to privately bill for the antigen test sticks. According to ÖGK data, it is currently unlikely that this will happen often, given the currently relatively low number of cases.

Currently “no prospect of a solution”
There are “no negotiations” at this time due to the Medical Association’s recommendation to privately bill for the tests. This is “not in the interest of the patients, we would like to reach an agreement,” said the ÖGK spokeswoman. However, social insurance must keep their expenses under control, so “not every wish can be fulfilled,” she said, justifying the rejection of the medical association’s fee demand. There is currently “no prospect of a solution”.

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