Heavy rain, lightning and violent thunder: the Vienna belt is flooded


On Thursday evening, a heavy thunderstorm broke out over the federal capital Vienna. The tire was under water.

Around 8:30 PM there was a lot of thunder and lightning and a heavy rain shower in Vienna. The warning level was red for almost the entire city.

Road traffic in Vienna was particularly affected by the rain. The road on the belt was flooded.

Violent lightning
Lightning was also visible above Vienna. After about half an hour the rain became lighter and the storm passed again.

The weather remains unstable
The weather in Austria will remain unstable in the coming days. Next weekend it will be particularly warm with temperatures up to 29 degrees, as Geosphere Austria predicted on Thursday. Thunderstorms are also possible again. Temperatures will drop slightly from Monday, but maximums of up to 24 degrees are still possible.

There is another chance of thunder on Friday
Cumulative clouds will quickly form on Friday morning and the first showers will begin to appear in the west. Otherwise, the morning will bring dry and sunny weather. In the afternoon, showers and thunderstorms will develop again from the mountains, with the focus on the southeast of the country. There is a moderate westerly wind on the north side of the Alps, but apart from thunderstorms it is a bit windy. Early temperatures should be between eleven and 17 degrees, with daily highs reaching 23 to 28 degrees.

Source: Krone


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