There is no end in sight – the risk of severe weather is increasing: now storms and hail are coming


There is no end to the series of storms in Austria: after the heavy rain and thunderstorms in recent days, lightning and thunder are also expected this weekend. Large hailstorms and heavy showers are also expected!

There were already heavy thunderstorms in the country on Thursday. This time Vienna was particularly affected. The situation could get even worse from Friday. According to information from the Austrian Severe Weather Center, there is another chance of large amounts of rain in a short time this weekend.

Floods, mudslides, hail, etc.
Although temperatures remain summery, the weather remains unstable. “The interaction between high-energy air and strong high-altitude currents will favor strong and sometimes long-lasting thunderstorms in the coming days,” said meteorologist Nikolas Zimmermann. This means that the chance of thunderstorms increases again: in addition to floods and mudslides, hail and storm gusts can also occur.

Experts from Skywarn Austria even speak of hailstones that can grow up to six centimeters in size. From Carinthia to Burgenland there is a particularly high risk of thunderstorms.

As early as Friday afternoon, the storms will move from the southeast across the south of Lower Austria and further towards the east/northeast. There is therefore a severe weather alert in the afternoon and evening from Lower Carinthia via Western Styria and the Graz Basin towards Central and Northern Burgenland to the south of Lower Austria.

The weather situation seems similar on Saturday and Sunday. According to the emergency weather center, a cold front will probably hit us next week, and temperatures will then go downhill again…

Source: Krone


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