The Parisian internet gang wants to settle in the Seine River


Outraged citizens want to send outrageous greetings across the water to French President Emmanuel Macron, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and Police Prefect Laurent Nunez. After Hidalgo announced that he wanted to swim in the Seine before the Summer Olympics in Paris to demonstrate the improved water quality of the river, where competitions will also take place, people now want to deliberately pollute it.

June 23 is circulating in the media as the planned day on which the politician will jump into the water of the Seine. Subsequently, an initiative emerged on social media with the hashtag #JeChieDansLaSeineLe23Juin. Bluntly translated, this means: “I’m shitting in the Seine on June 23.” The message to “MacronHidalgoNuñez” is: “After they run us into shit, it’s their turn to bathe in our shit.” made shared thousands of times on social media, adding: “To arms, citizens! Form your battalions!”

The calculator takes into account the location and flow rate
A separate website even offers a calculator for those who live above Paris on the banks of the Seine, which flows an average of two kilometers per hour: “Enter the distance from Paris where you want to poop so you know when to poop. to ensure your gift arrives on June 23.” There is also a photo montage that is undeniably in circulation: it shows toilet bowls that have been specially made available on a quay on the Seine.

Cleaning the Seine cost 1.3 billion euros
The Seine, which has been heavily polluted for years, has been cleaned for 1.3 billion euros in the past three years. Investments were made in disinfection and water purification systems, structures to collect rainwater and the connection of houseboats to the sewage system, but in early April the NGO Surfrider Foundation published “alarming” results on the water quality of the river, after which the large-scale staged event took place on July 26. The opening ceremony will take place.

There will likely be no security for open water swimmers’ and triathletes’ competitions in the Seine until the end, after heavy rain could cause the canals to flood. There are no alternative locations for open water swimming. The ultimate “Plan B” for triathlon is to eliminate swimming – which would turn triathlon into a duathlon of cycling and running.

From the summer of 2025, the public will be allowed to swim in the river again in some areas, which has been prohibited since 1923.

Source: Krone


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