Efficient & sustainable – heat pumps as a driver of the green energy transition


Efficient & sustainable – heat pumps as a driver of the green energy transition

Free of Russian gas and on the way to a sustainable future! Heat pumps are at the heart of the energy transition and indispensable for environmentally friendly energy solutions. As silent revolutionaries of the energy transition, they excel in efficiency and sustainability.

Visionary and innovative environmental credo since the very beginning: Krone Sonne, in close cooperation with “Better Energy”, is also taking the first steps towards energy independence in the field of heating solutions.

Paving the way for a sustainable future
The advanced and innovative technology is based on the basis of our existence and also protects your wallet. Environmental energy sources such as air, water or inexhaustible geothermal energy are converted into comfortable warmth for your home and ensure safety and reliability for heating and hot water.

But their importance goes far beyond this basic function! A major advantage of heat pumps is not only the use of renewable energy sources; they reduce the need for fossil fuels and thus reduce the dependence on energy self-sufficiency.

Integration and best efficiency improvement
The result? A more sustainable energy supply and a lower environmental impact for your home. Integrating heat pumps into the Krone Sonne product range opens up new possibilities for the energy transition. When powered electrically, they can significantly reduce CO2 emissions – using three times less energy for freedom and independence.

A milestone in innovative energy supply. Because: Even with a mixed electricity mix, heat pumps are generally more efficient than conventional heating systems, leading to an overall lower environmental impact.

But that’s not all: Combining heat pumps with other renewable energy sources and storage systems enables flexible use and storage of energy. This is crucial to absorb fluctuations in the availability of renewable resources and ensure a sustainable, reliable energy supply.

Financial incentives and support
The commitment to greater environmental awareness must also be worthwhile. ‘Krone Sonne’ knows: financial incentives also play an important role in the energy transition. With subsidies of up to 75 percent, there are currently unprecedented opportunities to invest in heat pumps.

‘Krone Sonne’ and ‘Better Energy’ offer customers a complete package without worries: advice, planning, installation and service 365 days a year. The collection area currently covers the eastern region and is constantly expanding.

Attractive financing options from Unicredit Bank Austria AG make it possible to purchase a heat pump on affordable terms or to finance it monthly. Heat pumps are considered a silent revolution in reducing energy consumption, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

They are the core of a sustainable energy future and ensure that everyone can save hundreds of euros on heating costs every year. Because the sun does the rest.

Source: Krone


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