Crashed into a church – truck driver (32) is now in custody


Crashed into a church – truck driver (32) is now in custody

The truck driver (32) who crashed into a Pentecostal church in Brunn am Gebirge has been arrested. The regional court in Wiener Neustadt announced this on Wednesday. The man is being investigated for serious coercion, material damage and endangering physical safety.

The pre-trial detention was initially ordered until July 24. As reported, the 32-year-old allegedly entered the church in Brunn am Gebirge (Mödling district) several times on Monday. A priest and two other people were in the building at the time, but all were unharmed. “We immediately thought of an attack,” said Pastor Ruben Avram. “If he is armed, he will get out and come in.”

The Church knows no Romanians
The Romanian-speaking church does not know the suspect. “The man is not a parishioner and has not participated in our parish life.” When he was arrested, the Romanian citizen is said to have shouted: ‘God will beat you’.

On his way to church, the man was involved in five traffic accidents with the truck. Four times there was material damage and in one case a pedestrian was hit and slightly injured. Two cars were also damaged near the church.

Known for the crime, further incidents
The suspect, who has been living in Austria since 2020, confessed to the incidents during his first interrogation. The church had destroyed his life, he said. The Romanian allegedly stood out in the Brunn area a few weeks ago and tore up a Bible. “There have been similar negative situations in other communities where he rebelled. In one case, the police also forbade access,” Pastor Avram said.

On Wednesday, pre-trial detention was imposed due to the risk of committing the crime – initially until July 24. The Public Prosecution Service is investigating serious coercion, serious material damage and endangering physical safety.

Source: Krone


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