Just a “plague”? – 16-year-old boy causes panic attack in girl


A teenager pushed his classmate so hard that she had a panic attack before school. Out of fear, her brother had to accompany her to class.

It all started as the first innocent childhood sweetheart. We went to school together and then met in the park. But the young happiness did not last long: after two months it was over. The 16-year-old wouldn’t have just accepted it – he wanted her back. Instead of going to school, he now sits on the dock at the Vienna Regional Court, charged with assault, stalking and dangerous threats.

Despite the rejection, the student did not give up
He is said to have repeatedly waited for his ex-girlfriend after class to intercept her. The defendant wrote her numerous messages and declarations of love. But the girl of the same age wanted nothing more to do with him. The student became more urgent in his desires: he asked her to kiss him, pressed her against the wall and touched her roughly. The girl then had a panic attack, even the rescue was alerted.

On-off relationship between young people?
“It was a blinking light relationship between young people. One wanted, then the other”, the student’s lawyer puts into perspective, “he just wanted her back and didn’t want to pressure her.” According to the suspect, touching her genitals was only teasing: “Sometimes she wanted it, sometimes I didn’t know. It was a game between us.”

The 16-year-old student spoke via video: The suspect groped her weekly. Her brother had to accompany her to school because she was so scared. Her friends cannot confirm that in court. Verdict: Conviction without punishment but sex therapy.

Source: Krone


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