“Shame on nation” – London: court blocks deportation to Rwanda


Following a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), the controversial British deportation flights to Rwanda for asylum seekers may not continue. The court ruled on Tuesday evening that one of the victims may not be flown out in the first instance. On the contrary, a period of three weeks must first elapse after the legal proceedings in Great Britain have been completed.

Hours earlier, the Supreme Court, the last British body, had given the green light for the internationally controversial project. It was initially unclear whether the first flight scheduled for the evening would still take place.

Bishops in open letter: ‘Shame on the nation’
According to media reports, even the heir apparent, Prince Charles, who is committed to political neutrality, has described the procedure as “appalling”. In an open letter published by The Times, the bishops of the Church of England spoke of a “disgrace to the nation”.

Foreign Minister rejected criticism
Secretary of State Liz Truss dismissed the criticism. “Our policy is perfectly legal, completely moral.” Prime Minister Boris Johnson accused lawyers trying to legally stop the flights, aiding and inciting people smugglers.

The ECtHR is part of the Council of Europe, not the European Union, and is therefore also responsible for Great Britain. The number of scheduled asylum seekers for the first flight has recently fallen from 37 to seven. The court order related to one of the survivors, an Iraqi. “That allows the other six to make similar objections,” Clare Moseley of the Care4Calais foundation told Reuters. “We are so relieved.” British government officials said the verdict would be reviewed.

Johnson wants to take action against smuggling gangs
Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government wants to crack down on smuggling gangs and make unwanted entry through the English Channel unattractive. According to Johnson’s plans, Rwanda will initially receive 120 million pounds (about 144 million euros) for the cooperation. More than 28,000 migrants and refugees crossed the Channel to Britain last year. Political opponents, charities and high-ranking clerics have expressed dissatisfaction with the project. The UN refugee chief recently criticized the plan sharply.

Source: Krone


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