“Funnels” and Co. – The Nova Rock is now followed by Corona aftermath


Despite the initially bad weather, the Nova Rock Festival in Burgenland was a great success. The organizers registered a record number of visitors and the emergency services gave a positive assessment. As for Corona, only 16 suspected cases were officially reported on Monday. However, this number should grow exponentially in the meantime – not least because of the unsanitary drinking games. Unofficial posts and social media posts are piling up.

The corona figures are rising again. On Wednesday, 6869 new infections were reported. Twice as much as on the comparison day of the previous week. Some of the positive tests are likely the result of infections during the festival.

After the event, the Red Cross registered just under two dozen positive rapid tests. According to the Neusiedl am See district authority, those affected were requested to immediately begin their journey home Anyone who couldn’t “travel home” was taken to 15 minutes, it said.

“Rapid test was already positive
However, the majority of positive corona tests did not take place until the following days. For example, krone.at has received messages from WhatsApp groups reporting numerous cases of infection among festival visitors. “I have
I’m pretty sure I’m infected with Nova Rock,” writes one visitor. “I have symptoms and the rapid test was already positive,” another. Immediately more and more group participants reported who had also received positive results.

Huge gathering of people
Festival visitors also wrote about corona cases on social networks shortly after the event, which they attribute to what happened during the concert. The reason for the intensified infection process is probably the large number of people. Although it was an open-air event, a staggering 225,000 people flocked to the site over the three days of the festival.

Drinking game as source of infection
On the other hand, a number of festival visitors suspect that drinking showers are not necessarily hygienically spotless: for example in the well-known drinking game “Trichtern” – the drink is fed through a funnel directly into the mouth of the thirsty person and a hose (see photo above) the slang is usually just passed around in the group or out of it.

All in all, some of the new corona cases nowadays can also be attributed to the Nova Rock party events. Despite this, the authorities have been registering an increasing trend in infections for a good week.

Source: Krone


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