UN opens investigation – Ukrainian children in shelter abducted to Russia?


UN opens investigation – Ukrainian children in shelter abducted to Russia?

In the Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine, children are said to have disappeared from their homes. The Commission of Inquiry of the UN Human Rights Council received information about this during its visit to Ukraine, she reported in Kiev on Wednesday. They had heard that these children would be granted Russian citizenship and that adoption proceedings would be initiated.

According to Commissioner Jasminka Džumhurin, the Commission was initially unable to investigate the reports itself because it was unable to travel to the occupied territories. However, the allegations “on the grounds that children held in institutions in the temporarily occupied territories were brought to Russia” must be investigated. Džumhurin could not say how many children were involved. She spoke of a “significant number”.

evidence of many crimes
Since June 7, the three-member committee has received information that could indicate war crimes or crimes against humanity during their journey, said committee chair Erik Møse. He referred, among other things, to visits to Bucha and Irpin, where people reported to the commission about arbitrary killings of civilians or looting and attacks on civilian infrastructure, including schools.

More trips planned
The Commission is planning further trips to Ukraine. She talks to experts from the International Criminal Court, which also investigates possible war crimes. It must be prevented that victims are traumatized again through repeated interrogation. According to Møse, the Commission has so far tried unsuccessfully to contact Russia through the embassy in Geneva.

The UN Human Rights Council in Geneva appointed the commission in March. Commissioner Pablo de Greiff stressed that all crimes would be investigated, regardless of who committed them. The Commission plans to report to the Council for the first time in September.

Source: Krone


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