Mercedes sees “incoherent” response to investment plan as “incomprehensible and damaging” strike


In an internal communication to staff, the company called on all employees to take responsibility for “not supporting the strikes and exercising their right to normal work”.

Euskaraz irakurri: Inbertsio planari seanzuna greba “ulertezin eta kaltegarri” bat izatea kritikatu du Mercedesek

Mercedes Benz Vitoria management has described as “totally incoherent” that the response from the works council member 1,200 million investment plan proposed for the Alava plant is a calendar of strikes, such as the one planned for this Wednesday, which he considers “incomprehensible and harmful”.

These considerations were made by the company in an internal communication sent to staff prior to the strike day Scheduled for this Wednesday at the factory in Alava, with separate calls, one of CCOO and UGTand another one of ELA, LAB and ESK before the blockade in the agreement negotiations.

In addition, a strike is also called for the day 29 by CCOO and UGT and from 27 to 1 July by the other three union federations.

The company, which warns those who voluntarily choose to exercise their right to strike, that all corresponding salary deductions will be applied to them, calls on the responsibility of all employees so that “they do not support the strikes and their right to act normally.” work, in the confidence that this will be respected by those who have already decided to retire”.

The address refuses “strong” this strike call, as the mobilization “does not find a reason to exist in criteria related to the process of negotiating the agreement”, as the above process “as the entire workforce knows, is currently fully open”.

“The arguments used by the conveners can only be interpreted as a strategy to try to boycott the negotiation process by creating tensions between workers that can in no way contribute to reaching an expected agreement for the new collective labor agreement“, adds the address.

Mercedes-Benz assures that, as usual, it will keep all facilities up and running so that anyone who wants to work can work “normally”.

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Source: EITB


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