Pedal knight acid – cycle path on the Innbrug leads to the police container


The new Inn Bridge from Schärding (Upper Austria) to Neuhaus (Bavaria) has been a challenge for cyclists for some time. But the biggest hurdle was the state police headquarters.

No joke! From neighboring Bavaria, the pedestrian and cycle path over the new Inn Bridge to Schärding leads directly into a police container. According to SP mayor Günter Streicher, it was set up on the Austrian side because of the corona controls and has not been removed since: “We have been trying to get the container away for a long time. But since this is a federal highway, our hands are tied.”

Was originally at the beachhead
From the office of Infrastructure Councilor Günther Steinkellner (FP), it says: “Originally, the container stood on the beachhead. According to the police, it was converted during construction works to protect against flooding. When the work is finished, the container will be moved quickly to its original location. .”

Level crossing ends abruptly in green
Cyclists hope this will happen soon. “Because the bike path opposite also ends shortly after the end of the bridge in the countryside,” says Richard Armstrong, councilor of the Bürgerliste.

Road signs end up in the Inn
All that remains is to drive on the main road, on which the police had placed traffic signs with a speed limit of 30 km/h during the local control of the “Krone”. These would have been thrown into the inn by night owls.

Source: Krone


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