Pope in wheelchair: – “The age is like this, you get these diseases”


Pope Francis spoke about his health concerns during the general audience on Wednesday. “That’s age, you get all these diseases and we have to accept them as they come. We don’t have the strength of the boys,” said the head of the church, who has been in a wheelchair for a few weeks because of osteoarthritis of the knee.

During the general audience, Francis commented on a passage from his catechesis in which he spoke of Jesus saying to Peter: “When you were young you were self-sufficient, when you are old you will not be so master of yourself and your life”.

“Dependence in Old Age”
“With illness and age, the dependence on others increases and we are no longer as independent as we used to be. But you find another way to express yourself, in the family, in society, in the circle of friends,” explains the 85-year-old Pope.

“Learn to say goodbye, that is the wisdom of the old people. Let’s help the elderly to live and express their wisdom. Let’s watch them and listen to them. We older people should always look at the young with a smile. An elderly person cannot be happy without looking at the young, and a young person cannot progress in life without looking at the elderly,” the pope explained.

Pope doesn’t want anesthesia
Francis has been plagued with health problems for months. His right knee hurts so bad he can barely walk. He would refuse surgery out of concern about the anesthetic. “I would rather resign than have knee surgery,” the pope said at a recent private meeting with Italian bishops.

Source: Krone


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