“Getting Profitable” – Because of the fuel price: AUA flights are also getting more expensive


AUA boss Annette Mann announces higher ticket prices. This increase will amount to a few euros on short-haul routes and 50 or 100 euros on long-distance routes. No shortage of staff like other airlines – such as AUA parent company Lufthansa – thanks to shorter working hours and 150 new cabin crew jobs. The company is facing supply problems at the Schwechat refinery after an accident in early June, Mann said in the “Ö1-Morgenjournal”.

A “black zero” is unlikely to appear on the balance sheet this year, due to the high price of kerosene. And after the AUA had already made several savings rounds in the past, now only the ticket prices can be reacted to.

“Only chance to become profitable”
“Obviously our only chance to become profitable again is to increase ticket prices. (…) You will notice that flying will also become more expensive in the future,” says Mann. The development will come into full effect next year.

As for the problems with OMV’s kerosene supply, Mann said the AUA would still be in talks about compensation for the damage. But don’t think about a dispute in court. The supply problems would mean that the aircraft would be “pre-fueled”, which would increase the flyweight and thus lead to additional consumption.

Source: Krone


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