Russians are advancing – Explosions: Ukraine activates nationwide air raid siren


A nationwide air raid siren was activated on Saturday evening in Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia. This was apparent from an accompanying overview of the situation in the country. Media reported explosions in the southeastern city of Zaporizhzhya – as well as in the central Ukrainian city of Dnipro.

Despite Kiev’s fundamental decision to give up the heavily disputed administrative center of Sievjerodonetsk in eastern Ukraine, troops loyal to the government, as well as civilians, are still trapped in the former metropolis. This is apparent from the situation report of the general staff and statements from the district administration on Friday. Russian troops “carried out storming activities in the Sievarodonetsk industrial zone,” the general staff said.

Sieverodonetsk: Ukraine’s withdrawal will take a few more days
According to the head of the district administration, Roman Vlasenko, the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops will take several more days. In an interview with the American broadcaster CNN, he also said that 568 civilians were still hiding from the attacks at the chemical plant “Azot”. These could leave the factory once the fire is out, but only towards Russian-occupied territories, Wlassenko said.

Fighting in Lysychansky
The situation in the neighboring town of Lyssychansk on the western bank of the Siverskyi Donets River is also difficult for Ukrainian troops. According to the situation report, the Russians had flown several air raids on the city. “Ukrainian defenders successfully repelled a storm on the southern outskirts of Lysychansk,” the general staff said. The information cannot be independently verified.

defense breached
Russian troops had blocked Lyssychansk from the south, the Russian Defense Ministry announced Friday evening in Moscow. The defenses of Ukrainian troops had been breached, it said. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 11 settlements have been seized in recent days, including Loskutivka south of Lysychansk and Ustynivka north of Mykolaiv.

Before the war, about 380,000 people lived in the Sieverodonetsk – Lysychansk agglomeration. It is the last place in the Luhansk region where Ukrainian troops are still holding. The conquest of the Luhansk region was mentioned by Moscow as one of the main goals of the war.

Despite the defeat in Sievjerodonetsk, a large-scale withdrawal from disputed areas is not planned, according to Ukrainian sources. The losses are great, Governor Hajdaj admitted on Friday. But there is no war without casualties. “If we withdraw everywhere, we will soon be fighting in the Carpathians.”

Source: Krone


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