Russia announces the death of 80 Poles in a missile attack in Ukraine


Ukraine denounces first airstrike directly from Belarusian territory within 50-missile night bombardment

The Russian army has reported the deaths of at least 80 Polish fighters integrated into the ranks of the Ukrainian army at the front in the east of the country on a day when Russia fired 50 cruise missiles. air launches of these projectiles even from Belarus, an operation unprecedented since the beginning of the war, according to Kiev.

The attack on the Polish fighters took place at the Megatex zinc factory in the town of Kostiantinvka (Donetsk) and all the dead have been identified by Russia as “mercenaries,” said Russian army chief spokesman General Igor Konashenkov.

Similarly, the spokesman also announced the deaths of 300 soldiers in a rocket attack on the city of Mikolaiv, one of the targets of the salvo of nearly 50 cruise missiles that Russia has launched against Ukrainian positions in recent hours.

The total number of Ukrainian fighters killed in the bombings over the past 24 hours is said to be about 780, according to the spokesman’s statements, collected by the TASS agency. Neither the Polish government nor the Ukrainian authorities have commented on the timing of these announcements.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s General Staff has announced that US-supplied missile systems are now operational, hitting targets in Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine, the country’s top general said on Saturday.

“The artillerymen of the armed forces of Ukraine skillfully hit certain targets – military targets of the enemy on our Ukrainian territory,” Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine Valeri Zaluzhni told Telegram.

As for Russian missile strikes, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mikhailo Podoliak estimates that some 48 cruise missiles hit Ukraine last night “only against civilian targets” and accused Russia of “intimidating Ukraine,” according to a post on your Twitter account.

The attacks have even reached the Lviv area in the west of the country, as well as Khmelnitski, Yitomir or Chernigov. At least one Ukrainian soldier has been killed in another impact on Dnipropetrovs, according to mayor Serhi Sujomlin, according to statements collected by the UNIAN agency.

In particular, Ukraine has expressed outrage at the origin of the attacks from Belarus, a country closely linked to Russia but declaring itself “neutral” in the war.

In a note collected by Ukrinform, the main intelligence agency of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported that six Tu-22M3 aircraft launched 12 X-22 cruise missiles from Belarusian airspace, about 50-60 kilometers from Ukraine’s state border.

The bombers took off from Shaykovka Airport in the Kaluga region of Russia. Then, through the territory of the Kaluga and Smolensk regions, they entered Belarusian airspace. After launching the missiles, they returned to the airport in Russia, according to the Ukrainian account.

The attacks were launched against the Kiev, Chernigov and Sumy regions, according to the intelligence chief directorate, before noting that this is the first case of an airstrike on Ukraine directly from Belarusian territory.

“Today’s bombings are directly related to the Kremlin’s efforts to involve Belarus as a direct participant in the war in Ukraine,” the intelligence chief said.

It was also revealed this Saturday that groups of Ukrainian fighters are defending a key supply route to the city of Lisichansk, which is believed to be Ukraine’s last stronghold in the Lugansk region, again according to the latest report from the Ukrainian General Staff.

Hostilities are concentrated near Bachmut, especially near Volodimirivka and Pokrovske, part of the Bachmut-Lisichansk route.

The latter city is now the target of Russian artillery stationed in Severodonetsk – the sister city, now under Moscow’s control, which lies on the other bank of the Donets River.

Russian forces are also trying to blockade the city from the south, as confirmed by the Ukrainian General Staff, confirming information released by the Russian side in recent hours.

Source: La Verdad


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