turning point in the war? – Russia: clear the way for Putin/Zelenskyj talks


Russia has indicated that the time is right for negotiations at the presidential level, according to Ukraine. The Interfax Ukraine agency quoted David Arakhamiya, a member of Ukraine’s negotiating team, as saying on Saturday night that Russia had indicated that documents for a draft peace treaty were sufficiently advanced to allow direct talks with Presidents Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“Therefore, our job at this point is to work out the final version of the documents and outstanding issues to allow for a possible meeting of the presidents,” Arachamija continued. If the meeting takes place, it will likely be held in Turkey, either Ankara or Istanbul.

Selenskyj has repeatedly called on Putin to end the war
In recent weeks, Zelensky has repeatedly called for direct talks with Putin to end the war of aggression that Moscow started on February 24. The Kremlin has so far rejected this, pointing out that Putin is demanding a concrete basis – in the sense of completed preparatory negotiations – for this meeting.

Crux Crimea
Russia has accepted Ukraine’s position in principle, with the exception of its position on Crimea, it said. While Russia believes that the status of Crimea as a result of the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula in 2014 has been clarified in violation of international law as a result of the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula in 2014, Kiev wants to agree on a review phase of 15 years.

Neutrality and renunciation of foreign military bases
The remaining points concern the neutrality of Ukraine and the renunciation of foreign military bases in exchange for international security guarantees from a number of countries, such as Israel, Turkey, Canada and Poland.

Kremlin: ‘Conversations won’t be easy’
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Saturday the Russian-Ukrainian talks were “not easy”. But it is important that they continue, the agency quoted Ria Peskow as saying. Russia has proposed to continue talks in Belarus, but Ukraine has declined. The most recent round of talks took place in Turkey at the beginning of this week.

Source: Krone


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