Trial suspended – parcel supplier denies rape accusation


Trial suspended – parcel supplier denies rape accusation

A parcel carrier is said to have raped a woman from Salzburg twice in January 2021. The man strongly denies the crime. The court has doubts and asks for a different expert opinion.

The suspect has no criminal record to date, is married and the father of a small child. In Afghanistan he studied pharmacy, here in Salzburg he works as a self-employed parcel deliverer. During a courier service in early January 2021, he allegedly raped a woman and tried again two weeks later with the same victim. At least that’s what the woman is accusing him of – there is no other evidence or evidence.

“Respect the law,” says the defendant
He himself vehemently denied the allegations during Monday’s trial in the regional court of Salzburg: “I did not do that. For me, something like that is reprehensible. I respect laws and people.” His lawyer pleaded for acquittal. He knew the victim of the parcel delivery: he had visited her 20 to 30 times.

“She never seemed normal to me, she was absent and always had such a sad look on her face.” As doubts also arose among the experts in the negotiating room, a report has yet to be obtained – deferred.

Source: Krone


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