Three campers reported – Drosten insulted as a mass murderer at the campsite


German star virologist Christian Drosten is insulted as a mass murderer at a campsite. According to the police, he has filed a complaint for libel.

The scene was a campsite in the northern German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Drosten reported three permanent campers – two women and a man – for defamation, a spokeswoman for the Neubrandenburg Police Inspectorate confirmed. For example, Drosten was insulted as a mass murderer. Due to an ongoing investigation, the spokeswoman declined to comment on the exact content of the insults.

Raspboom since the start of the pandemic
The 50-year-old has become widely known as an expert in the aftermath of the corona pandemic, including beyond Germany’s borders. He was repeatedly confronted with hostility, for example from opponents of vaccination and critics of other corona measures.

Source: Krone


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