Like two years ago – deadly animal drama: kitten falls from a skyscraper


Like two years ago – deadly animal drama: kitten falls from a skyscraper

Two years ago there was a similar incident in the Olympic Village in Innsbruck. At that time, a Tyrolean threw a cat from the tenth floor. This time a kitten had to die for the skyscraper.

It is just after six in the morning, a young man from O-Dorf is just crossing An-der-Lan-Straße – he is on his way to work. Suddenly he sees something fall from the skyscraper and it lands right in front of his feet. It’s a small cat. Already two years ago, the “Krone” reported, a cat died at this point. A mentally unstable Tyrolean had thrown the poor animal from the tenth floor in a fit of rage.

Animal does not die instantly
Now there’s another cat here. This kitten is still alive, it can no longer move. Blood runs from his mouth, he tries to meow – it doesn’t work. Shocked, the man calls his mother, who lives nearby, who immediately rushes to him. They call the police, who – as the mother describes it – takes 40 minutes to arrive. Meanwhile, they are with the badly injured kitten.

They know it would probably be better if it was already dead – but neither has the heart to end the animal’s suffering. “Go to sleep,” the mother whispers to the kitten. And after painfully long minutes, he finally closes his eyes forever.

When the police arrive, the woman says that a cat was thrown here two years ago. It is unclear if it is the same owner – it is also not known if the cat fell or was thrown. The police took note of the case, now it is the turn of the public prosecutor. “It cannot be that one gives another animal to the mentally ill. If it were him,” the woman said to the ‘crown’.

Source: Krone


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