Causa Carstens and Co. – plagiarism hunters: “What’s going on at the University of Innsbruck?”


The plagiarism affair surrounding the German CDU politician Markus Otto Carstens at the University of Innsbruck continues to cause discussion. It’s not just plagiarism hunter Stefan Weber who wonders: “What’s going on at the University of Innsbruck?”

The University of Innsbruck has revoked the doctorate of CDU politician Markus Otto Carstens because he plagiarized his master’s thesis. This in turn brings back memories of a similar case. According to information from “Krone”, a well-known university professor is also said to have committed self-plagiarism. “Nevertheless, he received his habilitation, was appointed professor, dean and chairman of the senate,” several sources emphasized – the ‘Krone’ reported.

Source: Krone


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