Excitement in Baden – schoolchildren on the excursion “Gun in hand”


A teacher’s field trip to “laser tag” with schoolchildren from Baden (Lower Austria) caused a stir in times of war. According to the school, it was not a school event, but a private gathering at the request of the students. The action was still “more than inappropriate”.

Waging war as people lose their lives in the conflict in Ukraine and families are separated forever. “How can you do such a thing?” An indignant father reported to the “Krone”. His child goes to the Gymnasium Biondekgasse in Baden. As the last outing this year, a teacher came up with something very special: “He is going to play laser tag with the twelve-year-old students. You point a weapon in your hand at your fellow humans. And that at a time when people die in war,” he says, shocked. there is already an increased potential for violence in the classroom.

No school event
The school understands the excitement: “It was a private excursion by the teacher at the express request of some students after the walking day,” confirms director Birgitta Stieglitz-Hofer. It was not a school event and was more than inappropriate. “We would never tolerate something like that,” explains the director.

In the meantime, there should have been a clarifying conversation with the responsible teacher. “Visiting a laser tag in wartime is very sensitive and is not recommended,” says the education department.

Source: Krone


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