The message of love to Juventus from Morata, in his farewell


Alvaro Morataplayer of Atletico Madrid, who in the last two campaigns have been loaned to Juventus in Turin, responded to the farewell message from the Italian team, with a ‘family video’ to thank ‘Old Lady’ these two years.

Let us note that the striker terminated his two-season loan and in the absence of new events, Juventus refused to pay the 35 million agreed upon him. Athletic as the purchase of the striker.

So far, both sides have established separation in the unlikely event. In the case of pass He did this using a video with his children and his wife, all dressed in Juventus colors, black and white. And there is a message from Madrid. “

One of the best things that has happened to me in my life is to have the opportunity to wear this shirt, but more than just having the opportunity to show my kids what Juventus as a way of life and I will always carry this in my heart ”, said the player.

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Edward born in Turin And I’m proud of it. Thank you to all my colleagues, staff and managers, warehouse workers, physiotherapists, doctors and all the people who work behind the scenes for so many hours for us … Thank you so much you are amazing person! To you, fans, thank you so much for your support and one thing is clear, I have always defended this shirt with all my might and I will always be a Juventus player ”, he pointed out.

Source: La Verdad


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