Many unanswered questions – What to do if my Green Passport expires?


More and more green passports lose their validity despite triple vaccination. What happens next? There are many open questions.

“This year I finally want to enjoy the sun in another country, on vacation!” – the wish of thousands of Austrians after two years of an exhausting pandemic. But suddenly the Green Passport lights up red, 270 days have passed, the third vaccination is no longer valid – this already affects almost 200 compatriots.

At the end of the end 821 passes expired
821 passports expire at the end of April, 886 in May and 72,699 in June. That creates uncertainty. Can I go on holiday at all? The “Krone” tries to shed some light into the darkness. First things first: there is currently not an answer to everything…

My Green Passport is no longer valid until my summer vacation. Do I still need to book?
According to the Ministry of Health, a timely solution is currently being worked on for everyone whose primary vaccination course expires in the coming months. So it should – hopefully – soon become clear how to proceed. In principle, according to the ministry, you can move freely in the EU as a person who has been vaccinated three times. When you return to Austria you must present a 3-G certificate, if you do not have one, you must be quarantined.

When can I get my fourth vaccination in Austria?
It is currently not possible to make the fourth trick before the Green Pass expires. In response to a “Krone” request, the Ministry of Health said: “There is currently no general recommendation for a fourth vaccination.” However, at risk patients can be vaccinated “off label” by a GP if the doctor recommends it.

Can I actually have my child vaccinated for the third time?
For children and adolescents between 12 and 17 years of age, the booster is recommended from six months after the second vaccination. There is no recommendation from the National Vaccination Panel for all young people. However, a study by American scientists with data up to February 17 of this year shows that children who have been vaccinated twice with the mRNA vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer are well protected.

How many basic vaccinations are there currently?
In the past 14 days, there were 3,049 first vaccinations in Austria, which is about 218 vaccinations per day. The leader in first vaccinations is Vienna with 1021 stitches, for Lower Austria with 495, Upper Austria with 351 and Styria with 265. Burgenland leads the pack with 87 first vaccinations in the last 14 days and Vorarlberg with only 82.

Are there many people who have been vaccinated twice and who simply deflate their Green Passport and do not get a third stitch?
456,000 Austrians simply let their vaccination certificate expire. Another 600,000 will expire in the coming months.

Source: Krone


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