US Supreme Court loses 233 years of male majority


US Supreme Court loses 233 years of male majority

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s oath, the first African-American woman to serve in this court, “represents a significant step for all young black women”

Ketanji Brown Jackson was sworn in as a new member of the United States Supreme Court on Thursday. She is the first African American woman to do this. His appointment also breaks the majority of white men on the court for the first time in 233 years. In any case, his arrival does not change the ideological makeup of the Supreme Court, a legacy of the Trump administration: there will still be 6 conservative magistrates against 3 progressives, including Jackson himself.

The new 51-year-old magistrate has replaced her superior, fellow Liberal judge Stephen Breyer, who has retired at age 83. Jackson will be the sixth woman and third black person to hold the position after the Senate ratified her nomination in April, in a vote that resulted in 53 support — 50 Democrats and three Republicans — to 47 votes against. It is Joe Biden’s first appointment since he took office in January 2021.

“It’s taken 232 years and 115 previous appointments, but we made it,” Jackson said after his confirmation. “Our kids tell me they are now clearer than ever that anything is possible,” he added in comments collected by ABC News.

The new judge’s “historic swearing-in ceremony” “marks a major step forward for our nation, for all the young black women who now see themselves reflected in our supreme court, and for all of us as Americans,” the president said. Biden spared no credit for the new magistrate. “The Supreme Court has just acquired a colleague with world-class intellect, the dignified temperament the American people expect from a justice, and the strongest credentials imaginable,” he added in a statement released Thursday.

Jackson was born in Washington DC and grew up in Miami. He graduated from Harvard University, the alma mater of Judge Breyer, whom he now replaces. He started working for him in the Supreme Court in the 1999-2000 academic year.

Jackson arrives at the nation’s highest court at a time of extreme polarization and amid great controversy over some of the magistrates’ most recent decisions. For example, the ruling that no longer sees abortion as a right guaranteed by the constitution, which opens the door for any state to regulate it differently and even forbid it; extending the right of citizens to bear arms; or the constraint on governments to curb greenhouse gases.

From this perspective, the head of the Democratic caucus in the (Lower) House of Representatives of Congress celebrated that “in the midst of this court’s vicious attack on the health, freedom and security of Americans, it will be a very powerful force. “necessary for the equality of all for justice.

Source: La Verdad


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