Great shock – Scorpion came undiscovered in the luggage to Linz


Big shock Thursday evening for a woman from Linz. She saw a scorpion in her apartment and alerted ICARA animal protection. The helpers also have a theory about where the animal might have come from.

After the apartment owner first called the professional fire brigade Linz, they informed ICARA’s animal rescue service. The animal rescuers were able to quickly place the uninvited guest in a transport basket. Since the caller was in Croatia just three weeks earlier, it is currently believed that the animal entered the country with the luggage undetected.

The scorpion is now in the animal shelter in Linz.

Findings of scorpions are rare in Austria but occur occasionally. For example, last year a woman from the Mühlviertel made such a discovery in her house in Zwettl an der Rodl. She put the arachnid in a pickle jar and took it to the police. A family from Graz found a scorpion in their closet after a vacation in Mexico. The animal had lived there undetected for four weeks. Things ended lightly.

Source: Krone


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