By alcohol user – pregnant woman and son (2) injured in rear-end collision


By alcohol user – pregnant woman and son (2) injured in rear-end collision

An alcoholic driver with a blood alcohol level of 1.84 and without a driver’s license collided with the car of a family man (29) at an intersection in Leombach in Upper Austria on Sunday. The heavily pregnant woman and son (2) were injured.

The 43-year-old from the Eferding district drove his car on the Leombacher Landesstraße on Sunday at 10.40 am in the direction of Kematen an der Krems. In front of him was a 29-year-old from the Linz-Land district with his car. Inside were his heavily pregnant 28-year-old wife and their two-year-old son.

The 29-year-old wanted to cross the intersection with Eggendorfer Landesstraße straight ahead and stopped in front of the “Halt” sign. The 43-year-old must have noticed this too late and stepped on the brakes, resulting in a 38-meter skid mark. However, he crashed into the rear of the 29-year-old with great force. His car was thrown a full 22 meters forward at the intersection.

Total loss on both vehicles
His wife and two-year-old son suffered injuries of unknown nature and were immediately taken to the Wels clinic. The two drivers of the vehicle were unharmed. Each of the vehicles was a total loss.

The driver involved in the accident did not have a driver’s license
While the father’s alcohol test was negative, the 43-year-old reached a blood alcohol level of 1.84. It also turned out that his driver’s license had been revoked two years earlier. He is shown.

Source: Krone


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