Lucky in accident – the car was thrown 15 meters in the air


Lucky in accident – the car was thrown 15 meters in the air

Sunday evening there were two accidents on the streets of Carinthia: a 20-year-old woman from Feldkirch overturned her car several times and the vehicle of a 19-year-old from Paternion was thrown 15 meters in the air.

In Kappel am Krappfeld around 6.45 pm a woman from Feldkirch (20) ended up on the right verge. When she tried to get her car back on the roadway, the vehicle skidded and fell over the left bank. Her car rolled over several times and came to a stop on its wheels in the adjacent field.

‘Alcohol didn’t play a role’
The 20-year-old was able to free herself from the totally damaged wreckage and went independently to the UKH Klagenfurt with her injuries. “There was no alcohol involved,” police said.

thrown 15 meters through the air
A few hours later, a young woman (19) from Paternion was driving on Drautalstraße B100 towards Weißbriach when she too swerved off the road for unknown reasons. “She drove another 30 meters on the green strip and then onto an ascending conductor,” a police officer reported.

A scene like in the movie followed: The vehicle was thrown about 15 meters through the air, rolled over and landed only 28 meters (!) further. The 19-year-old was lucky as she escaped with minor injuries. “The accident victim was able to free herself and call the police!” The vehicle was a total loss.

Source: Krone


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