Randale in Spielberg – Dutch fans with “unacceptable behavior”


Some fans in Spielberg are said to have rioted – krone.at reported – at Formula 1 in Spielberg, and attacks on women are also discussed on social media. The police have not yet been able to confirm this. Nevertheless, Formula 1 management spoke of “unacceptable behaviour”, and the drivers also condemned the incidents in the strongest possible terms. According to information from the “Krone”, it should mainly concern Dutch fans.

About 50,000 Dutch people organized a large orange party in the Murtal in the past three days. That this mass is not exclusively the intellectual elite of the country seems logical and was unfortunately confirmed one time or another in Spielberg.

Waste containers in streams, plants stolen, gangs dismantled
Full trash cans were dumped into streams, Verstappen fans stole beer benches and plants in the village of Styria and billboards were removed after the race. Rumors of mass fights at the campsite could not be confirmed by the police. “It was surprisingly quiet with over 300,000 visitors. There were no major incidents,” said police spokesman Christoph Grill.

However, reports from several women that they had been sexually harassed by male fans caused a real shit storm on social media. Formula 1 management felt the need to clarify: they had been informed of “completely unacceptable comments” and would take the allegations “very seriously”.

Security forces have been strengthened
For this reason, the security forces in the fan zone were expanded on Sunday. “We cannot be held responsible for the behavior of all visitors. But it’s a shame that apparently not all fans have had a good upbringing,” Ring boss Erich Wolf also shakes his head.

Source: Krone


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