Gas export banned – Hungary now declares energy emergency


Gas export banned – Hungary now declares energy emergency

In addition to the state of emergency resulting from the war in neighboring Ukraine, there is now also an energy emergency in Hungary. The government under Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced this on Wednesday. Among other things, the export of natural gas is prohibited. According to reports, the state of emergency will apply from August 1.

A price ceiling for households with a higher energy consumption will also be removed. “We cannot afford to waste more anywhere,” Orban’s chief of staff Gergely Gulyas stressed after the cabinet meeting. Hungary gets 85 percent of its natural gas from Russia. According to previous information from Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, the gas storage facilities in the EU country are 44 percent full, which corresponds to about a quarter of the annual consumption.

A coal-fired power station that was shut down a few days ago is now being put back into operation. Electricity customers have to save on consumption, because according to the government decree in Budapest, only an average price is subject to a capped price. Anything additionally consumed must be paid for at the higher market price.

EU plan: financial incentives for energy savings
Meanwhile, the EU wants to call on Member States to take measures to reduce gas consumption. According to a draft of the plan at the disposal of the Reuters news agency, financial incentives should be created to specifically incentivize the industry to consume less. There will also be an information campaign aimed at private consumers. Early action can now reduce the risk of more painful measures in the winter, the text continues. A publication of the plan is planned for 20 July. The gas storage facilities in the EU are currently 62 percent full. The goal is to reach 80 percent by November.

Source: Krone


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