Video calls on volunteers to wage war in Russia


Video calls on volunteers to wage war in Russia

To bolster Russian troops in the war in Ukraine, the city of Konakovo is now calling for volunteers to fight. The contracts must run for at least three months, the payment is between 200,000 and 400,000 rubles (equivalent to 3400 to 6800 euros).

Konakovo’s military commissioner, Yuri Negovora, did not say how long the money is for. Good health and a desire to serve the country are necessary for the assignment. The city, which is about 120 kilometers northwest of Moscow, published the call on its website.

lack of soldiers?
On social networks in Ukraine, people have already joked about the appearance of the elderly man in uniform. Until now, it is already with the commitment of the Russians that such calls are necessary. There are even reports from Russia that security personnel are repeatedly opposing the fighting in Ukraine. In the Pacific region of Primorye, Governor Oleg Koshemjako had announced that he would set up a volunteer battalion. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov welcomed the initiative, which deserves “the highest rating”. He only hopes that the governor himself will continue to do his job and not go to war. He is not aware of such a group in Moscow.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly does not have enough personnel for the war, there is also speculation in the country about a possible general mobilization. According to the Kremlin, this is not planned.

Negotiation is not in sight
A negotiated solution is also not in sight. Some people in the West, including military experts and scientists, are therefore repeatedly demanding the supply of arms to Ukraine so that the country can avert a “dictated peace”. Should Ukraine succumb to the Russian attack, Moscow can be expected to plan further wars, according to a recent guest article in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. Dissenting voices believe that the supply of weapons would prolong the war and that civilians could be attacked as a result.

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