Shoplifter fled – Vienna: police officer fired a warning shot into the ground


Police fired a startled gunshot into the ground Monday while chasing a 17-year-old shoplifter in Vienna-Neubau. The suspect did not let that stop him and fled anyway.

When the store detectives spoke to the boy on Mariahilfer Strasse about the theft, he allegedly attacked them and immediately fled. Employees alerted the police. It wasn’t until a short time later that officers were able to arrest the boy. The suspect fought so hard that a police officer was slightly injured.

Brass knuckles secured
Police say the shot was fired because the 17-year-old refused to end his escape despite repeated requests to stop. In a personal search after the arrest, both the stolen goods and the brass knuckles were secured.

The boy confessed when questioned and was subsequently reported to the public.

Source: Krone


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