What Russia is officially saying about the Bucha massacre and what the verified pictures show


Russia has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia have been made more than once. While eyewitnesses, international journalists and organizations such as Human Rights Watch have confirmed the massacre, Kremlin officials have denied that their troops were responsible for the deaths, arguing that it was all “fabricated” and that it was “fake news”. . And that the horrors filmed in the streets of Bucha are “staged.”

Bellingcat, an independent international group of investigators and citizen journalists using open source information, and Maldita.es, a non-profit organization that specializes in fact-finding, are among the various fact-finding investigators who have analyzed jokes on social media. And reported by Russian government sources.

These are the statements and verified facts of the Russian spokespersons.

Russia: Evidence did not appear until 3 April

Certified: There are videos of deaths on the streets on April 1st

One of the official arguments of Russia is that the city of Bucha was abandoned by Russian troops a few days ago with photos and videos of the massacre, indicating that everything was a fabricated installation after the fact. A statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense confirms that its troops left the city on March 30 and that “the so-called crime in Bucha. Evidence appeared on the fourth day (April 3) when Ukrainian security forces and local media arrived. In the city.”

Bellingcat has collected statements, reports and evidence that refute this claim. The organization notes that the Russian TV station TV Zvezda said in an article published on the morning of April 1 that the Russian army was still present in the area.

The same day, he Shared the video on Telegram Which features Bucha City Council secretary Taras Shapravsky, who said the city is still occupied: “Currently the city is occupied, there are a lot of mines and corpses. Therefore, we ask the remaining persons not to approach dangerous objects. The liberation of the city continues (…) ”.

BellingCat adds that videos and photos of Bucha showing corpses in the streets in civilian clothes appeared on social media on April 1st. The investigation gives us an example of several videos showing corpses lying on one of the city streets, all depicting corpses in the same condition.

Satellite photos from Maxar Technologies confirm that mass grave excavations began around Bucha Church on March 10, a week before Russian troops left.

More satellite images of the company, analyzed in this case by The New York Times, show that many of the corpses taken by international journalists in recent days have been lying in the streets since March 11th. This is the case of at least 11 corpses taken on Yablonsky Street in this city, near Kiev.

Russia: Probable corpses moving

Certified: This is a raindrop

Russia’s Defense and Foreign Ministries have responded to several videos claiming that the corpses are moving and everything is being mounted. In a post on Telegram, Both ministries say the body can be seen by raising the arm, and say the bodies were “raised” to create a “dramatic” effect. This false statement is spread by Russian embassies around the world, official Russian media and pro-Russian social media users.

This is a video posted on Ukrainian television by Espreso.TV that was shared on social media and used by Russian ministries on the telegram to prove their theory.

However, according to Maldita.es, this is actually “a change in color temperature in the video showing that it is a drop on the car window.” Damn cites the work of Aurora Intel, an open source OSINT research team that compares slow motion recording to the original and changing the color temperature of the image. It shows that this is a drop on a glass, and what Russian government sources attribute to the moving hand is actually a drop of water that pushes away from the corpse and pops out of it.

Maldita’s team also checked the color change of the images to show that the alleged moving hand is actually a drop of water. They add that both the local chronicles and the weather information on the day when this video was taken in the streets of Bucha (April 2) were raining.

Bellingcat also cites work done and performed by Intel Aurora Shayan Sardarizade, A journalist specializing in verifying information from BBC Monitoring, who also points to another video in which the Kremlin sees a “body that sits”.

Sardarizade explains that this is actually an optical effect due to the deformation of the rear view mirror and the same effect is created in the surrounding buildings.

Russia: Corpses ‘Staged’ in Streets

Certified: The corpses have not been moved and are real

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that the corpses did not have sternness, “they do not have characteristic corpse spots” and “there is no blood clotting in the wounds.” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that “a few days later a sketch was staged, which is shown by the representatives of Ukraine and its Western sponsors on all channels and social networks.”

Harsh images taken by on-site agencies confirm the dismemberment of the corpses, events witnessed by on-site journalists and human rights organizations. Human Rights Watch (HRW) has condemned the “summary death penalty” and “other serious insults” that could be war crimes committed in Russian-controlled territories of Ukraine.

A BBC journalist specializing in the verification notes that the harsh photos from AFP and Getty Images show the corpses interviewed by official Russian sources claiming they were “moved”: “Do you think they are alive?” He asks.

Bellingcat researcher Benjamin Strick also recorded several videos showing the same bodies in the same place, on the same street at different dates.

Journalists seen in Bucha told with their own eyes from all over the world. Handcuffed corpses, shot, beheaded and shot in the neck. Bodies lying in the middle of the street. Mass graves full of the dead. Neighbors describe tanks being run over, soldiers shooting obsolete men, and snipers shooting men trying to escape.

TV correspondent Almudena ArizaWho is in Bucha about the atrocities committed during the war and in the city, wrote a message on Twitter in which he regrets this rhetoric about what he sees as a “montage”: “How many denial comments. From here … Melancholy. ”

Source: El Diario


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