Antiques gone – Thieves broke into shop through hole in floor


Spectacular burglary in Graz: Between Saturday and Tuesday, unknown persons broke into an antique shop in Josef-Huber-Gasse through a hole in the ground. They are said to have stolen daggers, medals and other valuables from the First and Second World Wars. The damage is in the six figures, according to the police.

When a 61-year-old entrepreneur entered his antique shop in Josef-Huber-Gasse in Graz around 11:30 am on Tuesday, he was probably shocked: there was a hole in the floor. Daggers, medals and other valuables from the two world wars had been stolen. The damage is likely to run into the millions.

Probably several perpetrators at work
It’s not a burglary like any other — there’s a lot of planning behind it, as the Styrian State Police Directorate points out. The unidentified culprits had to use heavy equipment to remove bricks, destroy wood and a concrete ceiling, and break through tiles to enter the antique store from the basement. “We assume that several perpetrators were at work.”

The police assume that the thieves must have very dirty work clothes – but there is no trace of that so far.

That is why the population is asked for information: Do you see discarded work clothes? Or have you seen an offer with a larger number of items from the world wars?

(Confidential) information to the State Criminal Investigation Department in Styria 059133 603333 or [email protected].

Source: Krone


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