98-year-old scooter driver stopped on highway


Age does not protect against stupidity! This saying also applies to a 98-year-old who was arrested by the police on Thursday afternoon on the German A96 motorway just before the border with Vorarlberg near Lindau (Bavaria). It turned out that the man is anything but a stranger.

A 98-year-old scooter driver was arrested by a German customs patrol on the A96 near Lindau on Thursday around 2.30 pm. In fact, the elderly man should not have driven his scooter on the Autobahn, as only vehicles with a maximum design speed of more than 60 km/h are allowed there.

After agents of the Lindau Police Inspectorate were called in to check, the man turned out to be an “old acquaintance”. Three weeks ago, health problems prevented him from driving his electric vehicle – which he could only drive with the aid of a briefcase used as a booster seat – because of an accident caused by physical defects.

In this case too, he was not allowed to continue his journey, his vehicle was confiscated and he was taken home by the police patrol. The driver’s license office was again notified of the incident.

Source: Krone


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