Government outraged – strike paralyzes rail traffic in Britain


Government outraged – strike paralyzes rail traffic in Britain

A strike by train drivers again paralyzed rail traffic in large parts of Britain on Saturday. Thousands of members of the ASLEF train drivers’ union demanded higher wages and more security for their jobs.

The strike at seven private railway companies affected visitors to the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, as well as dozens of football fans on their way to their teams’ first game of the season. It wasn’t until Wednesday that tens of thousands of members of the railway union RMT had stopped working.

Government outraged by union action
Both unions have again announced a number of strikes for August. The Conservative government was outraged by the industrial action. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps accused unions of refusing necessary reforms and delaying collective bargaining at the expense of taxpayers. “Enough!” Shapps wrote in the Saturday edition of The Times newspaper.

ASLEF Secretary General Mick Whelan then accused the minister of lying and called on him to mediate in the negotiations. RMT boss Mick Lynch had previously threatened a general strike if the government implemented its announced plans and curtailed the unions’ right to strike.

The head of the Rail Delivery Group railroad association, Steve Montgomery, was disappointed with the strikes and defended the planned cuts and cuts. “Like any service provider and any business, we need to adapt and we cannot ask taxpayers and passengers for more and more money, when instead we should respond to the massive changes in travel behavior after the pandemic,” he said.

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