No one intervened – street vendors in Italy beaten to death on the street


Cruel attack in the Adriatic resort of Civitanova Marche in central Italy: A 39-year-old street vendor from Nigeria was attacked Friday by a 32-year-old suspect with a crutch that belonged to the victim. The Italian allegedly beat the man until he lay motionless. The attack happened in front of several witnesses, but no one helped the 39-year-old. The victim has died.

The 39-year-old Nigerian has been living in Italy for years with his wife and child. To earn a living, he sold tissues and other items on the street. On Friday afternoon, however, there was a fatal encounter that paid the man with his life.

Hit on the head with a crutch
The 32-year-old suspect grabbed the man’s crutch – he had been limping since a bicycle accident last year – and started hitting the 39-year-old in the head. Even when the victim fell to the ground, the alleged perpetrator did not let go of him. According to media reports, he also sat on the street vendor’s body and pressed his head to the ground during the scuffle before grabbing the man’s cell phone and fleeing.

The attack was filmed, no one intervened
The shocking attack took place in the presence of several witnesses on the main street in the city center and was even filmed. Apparently none of the passers-by intervened. The incident was also caught on surveillance cameras.

The suspect was arrested by the police not far from the crime scene and arrested. What would have caused the anger of the Italian from Salerno in southern Italy has not yet been fully clarified, Italian media reported. The Nigerian is said to have become pushy when selling his stuff. In addition, the alleged attacker alleged that the 39-year-old harassed a friend of his. There is also speculation about a racist motive behind the attack.

shocked indeed
The victim’s body was taken to a hospital for an autopsy. “What has happened in our city is an unprecedented act of violence that shocked us,” said Civitanova Marche Mayor Fabrizio Ciarapica. Social media also reacted shocked to the incident, but also to the inaction of the witnesses.

Source: Krone


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