Poured over car – argument over beer: drunk woman hit by car


Brutal attack on Monday evening in Tyrol’s Ötztal: An unknown person who was part of a group hit a German holidaymaker (18) in the parking lot of a hotel in Sölden and seriously injured her. Reason for the escalation: One of the men had deliberately poured beer over her father’s car. When the woman wanted to confront the man, she was suddenly attacked.

Shortly after 10 p.m., several men, it must have been six to eight, marched south along Dorfstrasse in Sölden when one of the group had nothing better to do than pour a glass of beer over the German hotel guest’s car.

“The owner’s daughter could watch this from the balcony. The 18-year-old followed the group and confronted the perpetrator,” the police reported. And then the situation escalated: “After a brief discussion, one of the men suddenly punched the woman several times in the face,” the investigators continued.

Perpetrators on the run, hoping for clues
The men then fled. The young German suffered serious injuries as a result of the attack and had to be taken to a doctor after first aid. The police are now hoping for possible witnesses or information from the population. All the fugitives are probably between 20 and 22 years old, the perpetrator was wearing black pants and a black sweater with white lettering on the chest.

Useful information for the Sölden Police Inspectorate on the telephone number: 059 133/7108

Source: Krone


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