Cheers to International Beer Day


“Gemma for a beer” – that’s what people are saying in many places on August 6, World Beer Day. According to Brau Union’s latest beer culture report, more than a third (39 percent) prefer a beer from Austria and only four percent prefer an international beer.

“More than every second Austrian (57 percent) drinks beer regularly, ie at least several times a month. When consuming the popular beer, the 3G rule has long been in force in the country – beer stands for enjoyment, taste and conviviality and is important for almost the entire Austrian population, 87 percent, for the Austrian drinking culture,” says Gabriela Maria Straka, Corporate Affairs & CSR Director of Brau Union Österreich, which has been publishing the Austrian Beer Culture Report together with his team for over ten years.

Excerpt from the Beer Culture Report 2020:

When it comes to beer, Austrians are patriotic
Every second person (59 percent) likes to drink in March, more than a third (35 percent) already prefer lager – domestic production is preferred when choosing the beer. By the way: in international comparisons in terms of consumption per capita per year, Austria was only beaten by the Czech Republic in 2019/2020.

Germany was the largest beer producer in the EU in 2020
About every fourth beer produced in the EU is brewed in Germany. According to the European statistical authority Eurostat, almost 32 billion liters of alcoholic beer were produced in the EU in 2020. 24 percent of that – or 7.5 billion liters – was produced in Germany. This makes our neighboring country the largest beer producer in the EU.

Brew Union Austria
2,700 employees throughout Austria ensure that millions of beer lovers in the Alpine Republic never run out of beer. More than five million HL of beer is sold in one year. The company represents international brands such as Heineken, Desperados and Sol, the cider brands Strongbow and Stibitzer and brands such as Gösser, Schwechater, Edelweiss, non-alcoholic Schlossgold, Puntigamer, Wieselburger and Villacher.

Source: Krone


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