Search operation after a call – “Tiger” rescued missing pensioners in Vienna


Two Viennese had to endure anxious hours on Monday evening. Around midnight, a man received a disturbing call from his 75-year-old father that he had fallen off the rails and was unable to get up. The police were called in and “Tiger” ended up being a lifesaver.

Immediately after the call from his demented father, the son called 911 after midnight. The director started a major search for the missing 75-year-old in the Floridsdorf district. Hours would pass, however, and the retiree was gone.

Monday morning, around 5:30 am, the police dog “Tiger” suddenly picked up the scent of the wanted person. Moments later, the four-legged friend discovered the 75-year-old in Schloßhofer Straße near the Floridsdorf train station and led emergency services to him.

Wounded, Chilled
Police say the retiree suffered an elbow injury. As temperatures recently dropped overnight, the 75-year-old was also hypothermic. He was taken to hospital after first aid by the Vienna professional rescue service.

Source: Krone


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