Green light from US – Israel wants to sell missile defense to Germany


Given the changed threat situation in Europe, Germany aims to set up a missile defense shield over federal territory. A first hurdle has probably already been cleared, as according to media reports, both the US and Israel have agreed to sell the Arrow 3 defense system. The system, developed jointly by Israeli and American companies, serves as defense against medium- and long-range ballistic missiles.

The “Jerusalem Post” reported on Tuesday the readiness of the US and Israel, citing German Air Force inspector Ingo Gerhartz. This would be the first sale of the system to a third country.

Gerhartz told the paper that Arrow 3 was the most relevant system for the threats facing Germany. As for long-range missiles, Germany currently does not have an adequate defense, “and that is why we are investigating Arrow 3 closely and are really interested in the system”. Israel and the US have agreed to the sale, he said. “But we have yet to talk about the details.”

Israel as a role model
Demand for a missile defense shield for Germany grew louder after the Russian attack on Ukraine also changed the threat situation in Europe. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz then said his government is considering setting up an Israeli-style missile defense shield for all of Germany.

Source: Krone


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