Lost on the Schatzberg – nighttime search: Hiker slept on the couch


A Slovak hiker reported missing on Schatzberg in the Tyrolean Wildschönau was found confused but physically healthy in the village of Alpbach shortly after midnight on Monday. More than 30 rescuers had searched for her by vehicle and on foot.

The 66-year-old arrived in Auffach on Sunday morning after a long bus ride with a tour group. Nevertheless, the holidaymakers decided to take a hike to the Schatzberg (1898 m) in the morning with the help of the cable car. “Everyone would then have to descend back into the valley on their own,” says David Pacher of the Kramsach police.

Mobile phone tracking failed
Of course – the 66-year-old did not return to the hotel, her sister reported her missing at 9:30 pm. A search with a mobile phone yielded no results, so a search was launched at 11 p.m. with the mountain rescue service.

Calling hotels
More than 30 men from the Alpbach and Auffach/Wildschönau local offices searched both sides of the Schatzberg with vehicles. “We also did the climbs in the top area,” says André Fill, head of BR Auffach. At around 11:45 p.m., emergency services were told that a woman in the village center of Alpbach had rung the hotel bell to get a room. Unable to do that, she continued.

900 meters altitude descended
The mountain rescuers finally found the Slovak on a bench in Alpbach at 12:50 pm. The woman had – in dry, warm weather – after climbing 100 meters – descended 900 meters at night in the dark. She seemed confused but in good physical shape. The rescue took her to the hospital in Kufstein.

Source: Krone


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