China relaunches maneuvers to travel to Taiwanese congressmen


The regime responds with maritime and air exercises to the delegation’s presence on the island two weeks after Nancy Pelosi’s trip

Visits by US officials are frequent in Taiwan. But with China’s minds still heated by the visit two weeks ago by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the arrival on Sunday of a delegation of lawmakers is more than enough reason for Beijing to conclude its maneuvers in the Straits yesterday. from Formos. In response to what it deemed a new “provocation”, the People’s Liberation Army announced new “combat in the sea and airspace” exercises around the island.

“The armed forces continue to train and prepare for war, resolutely defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity and resolutely suppressing any form of separatism and attempts at foreign interference,” said Wu Qian, a spokesman for China’s defense ministry. . He made no mention, however, of the use of live fire during these patrols, a line Beijing did cross in the days following Pelosi’s visit, when it deployed warships, missiles and fighter jets, simulating a total blockade of Taiwan.

Taipei authorities claim that the Asian giant has used Pelosi’s visit as an excuse to carry out maneuvers that will allow it to practice an invasion of the island, which Beijing sees as a rebellious province that it wants to recover, even with the use of force . Yesterday, the Taiwanese government delivered that message to the five US congressmen. The delegation, which included representatives from the two major US parties and led by Democratic Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, met yesterday with President Tsai Ing Wen, who thanked Washington for its support in the face of Chinese military threats.

Lawmakers also went to parliament and met Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu. “Authoritarian China cannot dictate how democratic Taiwan makes friends, gains support and remains resilient,” Wu said in a tweet. For its part, the “de facto” US embassy on the island revealed that the issues being addressed were “bilateral relations, regional security, trade, investment and climate change”.

Source: La Verdad


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