Cathedral dedication – Young woman from Salzburg is now a “virgin” forever


The 31-year-old theologian was consecrated to the “Eternal Virgin” on Ascension Day in the Salzburg Cathedral. The young woman made her covenant with God and the Church. And promised never to have sex.

An unusual step for a 31-year-old, but Bernadette Lang dared. The young woman, who has lived and worked in Salzburg for about ten years, was ordained “Eternal Virgin” in the well-stocked cathedral by Auxiliary Bishop Hansjörg Hofer. Lang made her promise during the two-hour service and dedication, which was broadcast live via radio and the Internet.

Three “I’m ready” from Lang’s mouth and the bishop’s blessing confirmed the eternal bond between the theologian and the church. According to Lang, the union is almost like a wedding. Only her bridegroom is Jesus Christ.

Born in Upper Austria, she devoted herself to eternal chastity – not sex – and devotion to God and the Church. Unlike in the monastery, Lang can continue to lead her largely secular life. The “honeymoon” will soon take them to Israel.

Source: Krone


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