After euthanasia, walrus lady “Freya” receives a monument


The walrus lady “Freya” still moves people in Norway even after her death. According to Norwegian broadcaster TV 2, a Norwegian has started a private fundraiser to fund a statue for the animal. By Monday afternoon, almost 60,000 kroner (about 6,070 euros) had already been collected.

The nearly 600-pound walrus has made repeated appearances off the coast of Oslo in recent weeks, settling on boats at anchor and becoming a summer attraction. Despite repeated warnings from authorities, onlookers jumped into the water at the animal or got very close with children on the shore to take pictures. The Fisheries Directorate recently assessed the safety risk as too great.

“Freya” was then put to sleep on Sunday – in a “humane way”, as the fisheries management emphasized. “The welfare of the animals is very important to us, but the lives and safety of people must come first,” says general manager Frank Bakke-Jensen. He and his wife were threatened with death after the animal was euthanized. to their own statements.

Memorial to Future Generations
“By erecting a statue of the symbol that ‘Freya’ was quickly becoming, we will always remind ourselves (and future generations) that we cannot and must not always kill and remove nature if it ‘gets in the way’. ‘ is now in the call for donations distributed by Norway Erik Holm via Instagram for the erection of a monument to the walrus lady.

“I’m not exactly sure how that thought came about. But I think it’s a nice sign against the decision to put her to sleep,” Holm told TV 2 about his motives for the action. Unfortunately, people were too curious to see how big a walrus is. Holm said they could visit the statue as often as they wanted.

Source: Krone


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