Worth a million euros – Mississippi: 15 packs of cocaine found on the beach


More than a dozen blocks of pressed cocaine washed up on a beach in the southern Mississippi town of Biloxi last weekend. The drugs, with a street value of about $1 million, were found by volunteers during a cleanup by a local Air Force Sergeants Association.

“We walked along the beach and picked up trash. In doing so, we noticed two items that ended up being two bricks glued together with a lot of tape. We got her out of the water and called the police,” Chapter 652 of the Air Force Sergeants Association reported on its Facebook page. More packages of cocaine were found pending police arrival.

“The packages likely came from a larger shipment that fell off a boat or was deliberately thrown into the water for someone to pick up,” said Steven Maxwell, director of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). .

Inscription to clarify the exact origin
A local resident was arrested for keeping a found package instead of handing it in to the police. The stones are stamped with a “Dior” label, which should help research officials clarify their exact provenance. “We examine the packaging, the markings on them, and put them in a federal database, which identifies them and matches them with other attacks in the database,” said Rob Drace of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

The Air Force Sergeants Association is a nonprofit organization that represents the professional and personal interests of nearly 111,000 retired and serving members of the United States Air Force and their families.

Source: Krone


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