Government consults – Russian gas still flows enough to Austria


Government consults – Russian gas still flows enough to Austria

The gas storage tanks can be further filled. More than a third is still missing before the heating season in October. The crisis meeting of the government will take place on Thursday.

It was just a “dent,” E-Control says. For a few days, not enough gas was supplied to Austria to fill the storage facilities as planned. This was also because Italy had more demand due to the drought. But since Saturday everything is back to normal. As always, the majority come to us via the Ukraine line. About 300 GWh per day goes straight into storage.

The government’s goal (they will discuss the situation during a crisis meeting on Tuesday) is known that the gas storage tanks will be 80% full before the start of the heating season in October. It’s about 75,000 GWh, so Austria could get through the winter if the Russians stop deliveries. On average we are currently around 45%.

Huge Haidach store empty
But while the OMV storage space is already more than 70% full and that of the RAG 64% full, a huge Haidach storage space is empty. Because it’s from Gazprom. This is now, as it were, “expropriated” by law and the corresponding decree is being worked on. If this is in effect, the memory is filled. However, the majority of the quantities go to the German market.

There they are preparing for a (planned) closure of Nord Stream 1 due to line work. Some of the Russian gas in the EU has already been replaced by LNG from the US (chart).

Source: Krone


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